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Friday, December 18, 2009

Migrating From Good To Better!!!

(Muslims are encouraged, when uttering the name of Prophet Muhammad, to follow with the salutation sallAllahu `alayhi wa sallam (peace be upon him - Ed)

MAAL HIJRAH marks the start of a new year in the Muslim calendar. It falls on the first day of the Muslim month of Muharam and, therefore , is often referred to also as 'Awal Muharam.'
On this day, 1,441 years ago in Muslim years, Prophet Muhamad migrated to Medina (then known as Yathrib) to find a new place to spread the dakwah of Islam.
He had shifted from Makkah, where his own people prevented him from nurturing the Faith in very much the same way that is now happening in some nations - economic sanctions against followers, physical and verbal abuse, threats to safety and death!

Prophet Muhammad did not carry out his dakwah like the way many religious leaders today do - harsh, subjective, limited, close-minded, and personal.

He just asked people to believe in Allah - the one God - and accept him, Muhammad, as the last of God's Prophets and to emulate his conduct, manners and practices.
He asked people to abstain from things that even they agree are bad, and perform things that even they agree are good. But because it involves the re-chanelling of their pagan beliefs and adulation of idols and deities to a belief in just one God, they rejected his message.

Guiding non-believers

Prophet Muhammad was well-aware that people who were plunged in prejudice, superstition and ignorance would not abandon their beliefs and ways easily and that it would take extensive struggle, severe hardships, and sincere self sacrifice to save them from the pit of corruption and guide them onto the path of virtue and belief in the one and only Almighty.

Thus, he left Makkah and started the first known 'Islamic nation' in Medina based on a charter that specified the rights and duties of all citizens and the relationship between the different communities; of which our own national Constitution seems to be in harmony with.

In the age of the internet, cable TV, cellular phones and supersonic planes, we may not be able to understand the pain that Prophet Muhammad and his companions underwent before their hijrah (migration) but Muslims understand the sense of righteosness and justice that prompted - and resulted from - that migration.
Thus, Maal Hijrah is taken as the starting point of a paradigm shift from bad to good and from good to better.
It also means from being lazy to being hardworking, from stupidity to intelligence, from poor to wealthy - any process of continuous improvement in the name of Allah.
It is, therefore, a befitting tribute to the historic event that on this day Muslims throughout the world offer thanksgiving in the form of prayers, giving to charity and making resolutions to be a better person and to achieve greater things than had ever been accomplished before.


As the sun goes down on 1430 Hijrah, Muslims usher in the New Year 1431 - with contemplation and reflection of their own existence and mortality.

Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslims and peace to all Malaysians. - Malaysian Mirror

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PerJaLaNaN HiDuP iNi

PerJaLaNaN HiDuP iNi
Dalam jauh sebuah perjalanan,Allah amanahkan sebuah perjuangan,terimalah dengan kekuatan,kadang-kadang sakit yang mendatang,kadang-kadang teman tak sehaluan,namun itulah ujian mencari iman yang teguh,moga terus bersabar di jalanNya

Muhasabah buat semua

"Walau jauh kita pergi, ingatlah kita pernah di tarbiah dan TARBIAH tidak akan berhenti dan berakhir . Walau sesibuk manapun kita, jangan kita lupa tanggungjawab MUSLIM yang pasti akan ditanya kelak.Walau sebebas manapun kita, jangan kita lupa kita adalah MAKHLUK yang pastinya adalah milik Allah".-peringatan juga buat diriku.


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